Notice: The first session on January 5th has been postponed due to weather. The 2nd session will be extended, 1 – 4pm. Send any questions to chicagoveganpledge@gmail.com. Stay safe!

Ever considered going vegan?

Stop considering, start acting. The Vegan Pledge is a free program that encourages people to adopt a vegan diet for 30 days with the program’s hands-on support. This support includes five weekly meetings consisting of cooking demos, a farm sanctuary field trip and speakers addressing environmental, ethical, health and practical issues. Each pledge is assigned a personal mentor (experienced vegan) and receives an incredible care package to show you that being vegan can be easy.

Sign up to take the vegan pledge, just in time for New Year’s resolutions.

January 5 – Feb 2, 2014
Sundays 1 – 3pm
Karyn’s Center at 1901 N Halsted

Please click the links to sign up as a pledge or mentor. If you have any trouble signing up or have additional questions, email us now!

Click here to learn more about Peace Advocacy Network (PAN)

Click here to learn more about ChicagoVeg Outreach

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  1. Shannon Ford

    Looking forward to starting 2014 by participating in the Vegan Pledge!
    Thanks for this opportunity.

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